My name is Partey Victoria Nyamekye from the Eastern region of Ghana.

After completing junior high school, my dream was to become a journalist, but I couldn’t make it due to financial difficulties my parents were facing. My sister sent me to a fashion school but I couldn’t concentrate because that was not what I had wanted to do, in 2016 I met a certain young man whom I narrated my story to and my desire of becoming a journalist, he told me I should not worry and that he knows an organization that can help me and that they provide self initiative project, also provide temporal shelter for the homeless.

We both fixed a date to meet messenger Peter Ocloo, President of the Association of Sincere Parents (ASSPA) who agreed to help if only I will be of good behavior. Being a “young girl” I do find it difficult sometimes to cope with what I am ask to do that I am not familiar with until bible discussion began (Hebrews 10:25) when I began to realized where I was going wrong. My staying with ASSPA and with their counseling according to the principles of the word of God, and receiving training as a broadcast journalist, is gradually coming to pass as I currently present a JAZZ program every Sunday evening at 7:00 to 9:00pm and Friday 9:00pm to 12am also Monday mid-morning between the hours of 10:11 GMT by the grace of God, I have begun my media carrier in a way that I never thought it was going to be.

The organization is making me realize my dream, and I will use the opportunity to humbly ask you to support ASSPA because I am well convinced they stand for what they say, please read “The way home or face The Fire” and you will understand more things hidden from us by the self-seekers.