I am Menka Augusta.

I first came into contact with Mr. Ocloo Peter in the year 2014, when I was a waitress at a drinking spot. I remembered we spoke a lot concerning my family, education, aspirations and how I ended up with the spot.

That day he told me nothing is a coincidence in this life and that everything happens for a reason. He collected my number and left but any time he calls me, I don’t answer his calls and don’t reply his messages simply because I thought he was one of those men that take advantage of ladies. I left Accra and went to stay with my mother in the village about three to four months.

One day a strange number called me and I answered and later realized it was Mr. Ocloo that was on the phone.

We spoke for days and asked me to come back to Accra since he wanted to help me get a job. I came and he got the job for me as a teacher in a private school. And accommodated me. He took care of my basic needs without asking for anything in return. He treated me like his daughter, corrected me when I went wrong. He advised me almost always and tells me the truth about God. He brought me closer to God and always puts me on the right path. But because I was young and was in a relationship I thought I was in love, something he knew about and has always told me was lust and quoted James 4 for me to study but I ignored everything he told me and left his place because the gentleman I was in relationship with wasn’t happy I was staying with a man. I left and he never knew where I went to. Finally the person I thought I was love with when I was being advice to be careful of left me just like that.

About two years later when things were not going the way I thought, I then remembered the advice he was giving me and I finding it difficult to call him but I gathered the courage to do just that by calling him and he didn’t ignore me rather he took me back as and began to advise me again, I have always thought of having my way at all course but I am beginning to realize that is not the case. Among all the people I had stayed with, he is the only person who has ever been good to me, I knew him nowhere. Please, if you are reading this, your problem might be similar or more than mine but please, endeavour to contact ASSPA or look for “The way home or face The Fire” and read it with an open mind. For go all superstitious believes and religious rituals and you may come to know there’s a great difference in what we call believe in God today as in its reality of knowing who God really is.