My name is Larbi Bernice from the Eastern Region of Ghana, Larteh to be precise. I have been under the care of the then Social Shelter Ghana, which is now Association of Sincere Parents (ASSPA) when I was in a multimedia school. Close to my completion, I did most of my practical lessons there under their (Skill or School for all Project) before I graduated.

After completion, I couldn’t find a place to do my attachment where after I could find myself a work and so I came back to ASSPA to do more practical lessons than to be in the house idle, I have been there close to a year till now under their care.

We have been together in one accord as a family to widen our ambitions of the then Social Shelter Ghana to Association of Sincere Parents (ASSPA), I am proud to be part of the ASSPA family and a presenter of the Online Radio. ASSPA Radio that is aimed at providing counseling for people entering into marriages and those in complicated relationships, also to advice the youth, helping parents nurture their children/ward in a God fearing manner, providing temporal shelter for the needy and homeless, creating self initiative projects and more, I will therefore take this opportunity to ask anyone reading my story to take advantage of this project either to become a family or help it achieve its dream to the fullest.

I thank God for this opportunity created that may help everyone benefit from.

God bless you for reading my story, please like ASSPA Radio on our Facebook or visit our website for more information.