My name is Dorcas Onajetey Omadus, I am a 19 year old Nigerian born and breed in Ghana with a Ghanaian mother. I was trained as a chocolate maker after completion of my senior high education.

My mum felt sick and has to be sent to Oda for treatment until she gets well, as the only girl staying with a single mum, I need to find somewhere to stay until she returns for a reason. I called a friend named Vic and told her what has happened to me and explained my problem to her who was with the Association of Sincere Parents [ASSPA], she agreed and asked me to come over and I was introduced to ASSPA were I met some of her colleagues and they also received me warmly.

My experience here, I’ve notice that they have diverse skills and are good in journalism when they are presenting on their online radio called ASSPA Radio. They also teaches about the word of God and advice the youth especially ladies 1st Peter 3:5-6 backing whatever they say with the word of God I felt it was an experience I never should miss.

I’ve learnt or realized that we ladies of today must change our lifestyle and once that is done we can help change the world from where it’s heading towards.

I will humbly ask any lady reading my story to contact ASSPA to seek their advice before entering into any relationship, I have also noticed why women should endeavour to be like Sarah 1st Peter 3:5-6 and should also endeavor to see the will of God in a man before giving in to any planned relationship to enable her achieve the purpose of God and why we are all here on earth.

I am really learning a lot from ASSPA and I now understand why in all things we must give thanks to God.